Alexander Vereshchak, Margarita Zinets

1998 | Kyiv | video installation

«Videoball» as well as «Train Goes» are video installations each presented as still camera footage projected on two walls facing each other. However despite similar technical implementation these installations rather explore different types of human relations and behavior in virtual spaces.


«Videoball» is based on the serial references in simulative dialogical structure of infantile game, in which two people throw the ball directly to each other’s hands (i. e. from one wall to another). Very minimalistic imagery pushes the viewer to the type of involvement in which he/she spies and observes the movement of the ball, moving his/her eyeballs and body along with it rather than passively views a picture. The artists tried to question if interactivity is possible within traditional role of the viewer and the extent to which he/she might be physically incorporated to the structure of the artwork and change it, thus experiencing the fuzziness of boundaries between virtual and real spaces. The viewer’s role is essential as it opens a closed structure of the work and allows an interference of the other’s gaze.


In their simplicity and through emptiness between the walls both installations mark the gap in perception, an element of disorder interwoven to the visual narrative, and anxiety one is familiar with in personal experience.


«Videoball» is the first video installation by Alexander VereshchakMargarita Zinets.

Vereshchak (12)
Zinets (12)